Inspirit AI

Product Design, Management, & UX Design

Aug 2021 - June 2022


As Product Manager and UX Designer at Inspirit, I controlled the roll-out of projects related to online AI and Machine Learning education.

The specific products that I worked on were:
Grades 3 - 5
Grades 5 - 7
Grades 7 - 8
Inspirit Scholars
Grades 9 - 12
Inspirit Innovators
Higher Education
For each of these products, I created or edited the existing online presence (website, LinkedIn advertisements, social media content) as well as the marketing material (Google Form headers, paper/digital fliers, and brochures).

Tools & Skills

Product Management Tools
Microsoft Office
Product Management Skills
Cross-Team Collaboration
Communication with C-Suite
Critical Thinking
Time Management & Leadership
UX Tools
Front-End Development
3rd-Party CMS Tools
UX Skills
Design Thinking
User Research
User Experience Design
User Interface Design
Communicating the Importance of Design
Creative Problem-Solving

UX Design, marketing design

AI Adventurers, Creators, & Pioneers (Elem/MS) is the home to an online education program for elementary and middle school students, focused on teaching students the fundamentals of computer programming, AI, and Machine Learning.

My role as UX Designer was to redefine the narrative of Inspirit's elementary and middle school website, targeted towards students in grades 3 through 8. existed when I joined Inspirit, and under a strict template style guide I chose to refocus the site's flow to give precedence to:
1. Seasonal course offerings (emphasis to promote enrollment in lagging programs)
2. Revised and updated curricula created by our internal Curriculum Team
I worked cross-functionally with the CEO and Curriculum Team as well as our Head of Growth to define a narrative that attracted both students and their parents.
Existing style guide, which was unchangeable at the time of my employment at Inspirit. This constraint encouraged me to focus on the prioritization of information and user's flow through the site rather than the site's visuals.
Inspirit's 7th - 8th grade program, AI Pioneers, was targeted towards students with an interest in creating live web apps using the basic programming skills gained in AI Adventurers and AI Creators.
A visual I created to better communicate the progression of course offerings, learning outcomes, featured projects, and technologies used at-a-glance. Both parents and students found visuals such as this helpful in order to differentiate subtleties between programs when choosing which course to enroll the student in.
Here you can see a proposed new layout for the Program Page on, as well as the wireframe mockup I created in Figma to arrange the flow of information according to my plan:
I also created illustrations of a robot, named Pip, to accompany the Elementary and Middle School course offerings. A consistent feature throughout their Inspirit journeys, Pip gives students an ever-maturing character that follows them throughout their course progression.
Pip as designed for each of the four Inspirit elementary & middle school programs. The background of Pip's illustration shows symbology of the coding, AI, or Machine Learning principles that students will learn in each program.
Finally, I organized all designs for the project for the first time in Inspirit's design team history into comprehensive Figma files, showing versioning and collecting comments from various stakeholders.
Figma thumbnail for website assets, wireframes, and style guide info.